“WRAP’s Alcohol Awareness for Students Program was a great session for us. Students were able to get hard facts about something important to their lives as teenagers.”

~ Suzannah Weiss – Yoga and Physical Educational Teacher and Restorative Justice Facilitator, Bell Multicultural High School Washington, D.C.

“The Alcohol Awareness Program presented to OPHS was very well received. Our students were engaged, and many were giving relevant feedback during the lesson. Our students appeared very interested and were able to show mastery in the subject area.”

~ Monica Brown –Physical Education and Driver Education Teacher, Osbourn Park High School Manassas , VA

“I enjoyed the WRAP presentation and found it very informative and fun. I liked the interactive aspect of the presentation which made it stand out from other past presentations and engaged the audience. It was a unique experience which was perfectly adapted for virtual learning and utilized the tools of technology very well.”

~ Ryan Morales –Publicity Director of Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s SADD club Greenbelt, Maryland

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WRAP’s Alcohol Awareness for Students Program

WRAP’s Alcohol Awareness for Students program is a multi-media outreach offering using an interactive PowerPoint presentation and “Fatal Vision” goggles to educate teenagers and young adults about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and impaired driving. This established and local alcohol education program also teaches the importance of making safe and healthy decisions by presenting information which students can relate back to their individual lives and reconsider potentially harmful decisions that they might be faced with.
WRAP’s Alcohol Awareness for Students annually reaches thousands of Washington-metropolitan high school students. Through the use of cutting-edge information and ideas, WRAP provides an innovative, educational program designed to raise teen awareness of the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and impaired driving with the use of “Fatal Vision” goggles, PowerPoint presentations and current videos. The heralded and no-cost program:
  • Stimulates discussion through innovative questioning and interactive demonstrations.
  • Raises awareness of the consequences of underage drinking and impaired driving.
  • Associates stereotypical student decisions with alcohol-induced risky behaviors.
  • Utilizes local law enforcement and other community partnerships for increased effectiveness.
  • Interactive use of “Fatal Vision” goggles.
  • Caters to the individual needs of each audience.
Alcohol Awareness for Students has been utilized in the following settings:
  • Health classes
  • Drivers Education classes
  • Homecoming/Prom Assemblies
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions assemblies

The Why

According to the 2020 Monitoring the Future survey sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, alcohol remains the “substance most widely used by today’s teenagers.” In addition, the most recent national survey of adolescent drug use reports increases in binge drinking amongst all three surveyed age groups in the U.S. (8th, 10th and 12th grade students). The survey also found that binge drinking rates among U.S. teenagers is still at a high rate. Within the past year 40.7% of 10th graders consumed alcohol and almost 10% (9.6%) participated in binge drinking within the past two weeks. More than half (55.3%) of 12th graders consumed alcohol and 16.8% had participated in binge drinking within the past two weeks. Binge drinking is a danger to anyone, potentially leading to unintentional injury, alcohol poisoning, blacking out and other risky behaviors such as drunk driving.
Everyday nearly 28 people in the United States are killed in a drunk-driving crash. That breaks down to one person every 52 minutes (CDC). In 2019, 24% of young drivers (ages 15-20) who died in a crash had been drinking (NHTSA 2019).
Alcohol Awareness for Students provides teens with the knowledge to make smart choices when faced with a potentially harmful situation.

Changing Minds

After just one Alcohol Awareness for Students presentation:
  • 90% of students felt that drinking alcohol while underage was not worth the risk of the potential legal consequences
  • 95% of students felt that drinking alcohol does negatively affect their health

Source: WRAP’s 2021 Alcohol Awareness for Students student surveys

How to Schedule a Presentation:

For more information or to schedule an in-person or distance learning Alcohol Awareness for Students presentation please email: wrap@wrap.org or call 703-893-0461.

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